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The Ambit System is a replicable process that allows you and your team to succeed and duplicate that success within Ambit over and over again. Learn the Proven Ambit System directly from Ambit’s top leaders.



Executive Consultant John Morrison

“Ever since getting involved in Network Marketing for the first time back in the late 80’s, I’ve always known in my heart that there was not a better business model out there that could give me the ability to have complete and total time and financial freedom for me and my family, while at the same time, allowing me to help thousands of people accomplish the same exact thing at the same time.  I made the decision to do it, do it right, and not look back,”  and as John says, “the rest is history.”


EC Factory

National Consultant Ray Montie wanted to create a team identity and organization that would be used to promote unity and provide support to the Ambit Energy Independent Consultants joining his growing business. The EC Factory was officially birthed in 2010 and has been an integral part of accomplishing his original goal through events, materials, recognition, meetings, lightbulb, business cards, webinars and conference calls.


Team 526

“People Helping People”