About the Team

Alan Johnston

Executive Consultant


Executive Consultant Alan Johnston coaches basketball at a high school in Tyler, Texas. It keeps him extremely busy and he loves his work. His father was a school administrator and his mother was a classroom teacher, so education is in his blood. Yet, Alan says, “It’s a thankless job, financially.” So he’s done all kinds of things during the summers to supplement his income, including hauling hay and mowing yards. “I’ve always known you have to put money back,” he says, to save for the future. “But I’ve watched as my 403(b) went to nothing, and about four years ago I quit opening those envelopes.”

Now, as a Consultant with Ambit Energy, Alan has discovered a vehicle that’s helping him take control of his financial future. He says, “Now that I’ve committed to this business I don’t worry about the stock market.” Now he focuses on leadership, coaching and training others. Alan says, “I’m not the only one who’s been affected by the economic situation.” He says Ambit provides “the opportunity to offset all the worries, financially, that people have.” He goes on, “I can have even more passion about what I do, because I don’t have to worry about money.”



Lisa Pulliam

Executive Consultant

After sixteen years of being a stay-at-home mom of four children and a pastor’s wife, Lisa knew it was time to launch her own career. Lisa found a great fit in the direct sales industry with Ambit Energy and, with a teachable spirit, a supportive sponsor, Coach Johnston, and and incredible team, she achieved the leadership level of Executive Consultant during her fourth year with her company. As Lisa’s Ambit team and residual income grew, she was able to pursue a lifelong dream of writing and publishing her first book called Toes in the Sand, My Journey from Domestic Engineer to Entrepreneur. Lisa’s message is to inspire others to step out in faith, face their fears, and become all they were created to be. Feel free to reach out to her for help, support and encouragement in your Ambit journey and in your life journey.


Bryan Compton

Executive Consultant

Bryan Compton thought his future was secure. He’d been running a health club for 20 years, and hoped to purchase it from the owner. But when the time came for the deal to take place, it fell through—and Bryan found himself without a plan. But rather than giving up, he kept a healthy, positive attitude and looked for a new opportunity. And that’s when a friend introduced him to Coach Alan Johnston.

Finding Strength and Support

At first, Bryan was afraid to tell his family about joining Ambit. “I really didn’t want to share it until I knew it worked,” he says. But after he started to see results, he was happy to talk about it. “Everyone is proud of my promotion to Executive Consultant, and many family members are involved with Ambit.”

Bryan also considers himself fortunate to work with an outstanding team. “My Consultants almost feel like they have promoted with me.” He works constantly to keep his team focused and trained, with meetings in Lufkin, Texas several times a week and frequent appearances at fellow Consultants’ meetings and calls. Above all, he credits his wife of 32 years for supporting him. “I am truly blessed,” he says.

Building on Success

As his business has grown, Bryan’s priorities have changed. “When I started my business, I was looking for income replacement. Now it’s about a legacy income for my three granddaughters and having more time to spend with my family and church.”

He also wants to help his team to continue to achieve. “There are no limitations with Ambit,” he says. “The only challenge is the one we look at in the mirror. The system is truly in place and we have one of the most marketable services available. I’m going to keep doing what got me here—work every day and help all those who want it.”

Bryan is also a big believer in the power of AMBITION. “I have not missed an AMBITION since I joined Ambit,” he says. “I love the relationship building and incredible training.”

All together, it’s all added up to a pretty healthy business for Bryan Compton.


Lee Miller

Senior Consultant


Lee Miller, CEO of MSGPR Ltd Co, has been involved in the Broadcast and Technology business for over 30 years. He has worked in commercial television news operations, creative services, promotions, public service and television network management. As a conference speaker, he has taught on subjects ranging from television news operations to audio-video technology. Featured in PR industry publications, Miller has been recognized for his instruction and writings on crisis communications from media worldwide. Miller is a winner of multiple Addy, Television Showcase and network television awards for production of television, radio and print.

Getting involved in the retail energy business in 2012, Miller is also a senior consultant for Ambit Energy and owner of MSG Energy, involved in the retail energy markets in the United States, Japan, Canada networking electricity, gas and solar power. He has become a proven leader in the industry winning multiple leadership awards.

Miller serves on and is the past chairman for the TV/Visual Communications Committee for the National Religious Broadcasters. He serves on the board Doctor TV Channel Network, the Salvation Army Advisory board, Sound Recording Career Advisory Committee for Angelina College, the Lufkin Landscaping Taskforce and as communications director for the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance, the technical initiative to solve the U.S. spectrum shortage issue as part of the National Broadband Plan. Miller attended Stephen F Austin State University majoring in Music Education, but took a career turn his last day of student teaching by taking a job in television. Among his hobbies though, he continues to play in many ensembles such as the East Texas Praise Symphony and teaches music privately.

Miller lives in Lufkin Texas located in the Texas Forest Country region north of Houston. He is an active member of Harmony Hill Baptist Church serving as keyboardist for the contemporary worship band. He is married to Kenla and has two grown children, Joshua and Morgan, both Regional Consultants, and is grandpa to Kade.


Jeff Miller

Senior Consultant


A Theology and Telecommunications graduate of Oral Roberts University, Jeff has spent the majority of his adult career as a videographer.  Not a career laced with copious wealth!  It was in 2013 when he was introduced to Ambit Energy, after being offered an opportunity to see the business and …… yes… turning it down!   Fortunately, his wife, Judy, became friends with Executive Consultant Lisa Pulliam, who recruited her into the business and promptly told Jeff he was joining her in business!  And gosh, they needed it!  Business was at a low point, money was tight, and Judy’s school teacher salary was the only thing that steadily kept the bills paid… most of the time!


Jeff & Judy promoted to Senior Consultant in 2016, right after Ambition, and have been running ever since!  Jeff’s goal is not to just make money, but to elevate others to see ther great potential to change their own lives and to do the same for others!  It’s the real beauty of Network Marketing!


Judy Miller

Senior Consultant


After her husband, Jeff, turned down the Ambit opportunity, saying “There is no way on God’s green earth Judy Miller will let me spend $429 to start Ambit”, Judy got introduced to Executive Consultant Lisa Pulliam.  It wasn’t long after that she made the decision that the Millers needed to start their Ambit Energy business!  So she bit the bullet, and spent the money!  All this after their session with a Dave Ramsey trained Financial Coach who told them he could help them budget their money, save their money and wisely spend their money, but THEY NEEDED MONEY!
Once Jeff saw how Ambit Energy could change the entire dynamic of things, he climbed aboard to partner with Judy, and now they have an exciting business centered on helping people spend less on energy and create additional residual income.
Since 1989 Judy has been an elementary school educator, and while teaching has been a passion for her, she sees an exciting future of helping others put money back into their budget and get on the road to financial freedom!  She and Jeff are true partners in their business.
While Ambit Energy represents the pathway to income, Judy actually sees her business as really an extraordinary self-improvement program with a lucrative compensation package attached!
Both Jeff & Judy Miller were named Team 212’s Rising Stars in 2016.


Stacy Perkins

Senior Consultant


10 + years as Sr. Worship Pastor at Harmony Hill Baptist Church, Lufkin, Texas
Married for 27 years to my beautiful wife, Missi – 2nd grade teacher at Central ISD (Teacher of the Year – 2015-16!!)
Four wonderful children: 1) Cheyenne, 26, and hubby Josh Miller and their son Kade Allen Miller – notice that last name – Josh is the son of Sr. Consultant Lee Miller (this website creator!) and we share the greatest grandson anywhere – Kade!
Collin, 21 – Junior at East Texas Baptist University studying Music Ministry, trumpet major and singer
Carly, 16 – Junior at Hudson High School – awesome singer and 1st year HS cosmetology student
Cole, 14 – 8th grader at Hudson Middle School – plays hoops, runs track  and sits 1st chair trumpet in the band, also a great singer.

I am blessed to be a part of several wonderful families…my personal and extended family, my church family and then the Ambit family of consultants and customers.  Ambit is a great network of people who live all around our blessed country, and now in two foreign countries, who have a common goal – to be the best provider of electricity and natural gas in the world!  Never compromising integrity for growth is the mantra of Ambit, and I have NEVER seen that breached at any level.  From Jerry and Chris, to Coach Alan Johnston and then Bryan Compton, my sponsor, these folks have done everything they have said they would do, and so much more!  They are always there to ably assist and answer questions that may arise for me and any other consultant or customer.  The payoff in the bank account every month is growing and SO much fun to watch!  This stuff is REAL, people!  I am not growing as fast as I desire to, but I am remaining steady and my electricity is so low a snake would have a hard time crawling underneath it!  I came into this business several years ago and have never been disappointed with the results that I have gotten from what I have put into it.  Will I become a millionaire in this business?  Probably not…but that is no one’s fault but my own.  The potential is absolutely there, but my “calling” is to minister to people pretty much 24 hours a day.  I will tell you that what I am able to come away with every month is very nice to see and helps my family in a very tangible way!  The free electricity is actual money in my pocket and the credit into my account from the residual customers and my downline is a huge blessing!  I recommend anyone to look into Ambit and become a part of this fine “family” of people who are helpful, willing to go the extra mile and who are striving to become THE household name when it comes to energy providers in the country, and eventually around the world!


Alec Soreff

Senior Consultant









How did you hear about the Ambit Opportunity & what impressed you most?I had been asked a few times by a friend to look but had always said I was too busy.  Then Buck Spears asked me to do a favor and fill a chair at his house as he had a leader from East Texas coming and wanted people there. The leader was Coach Alan Johnston.  At the beginning of the meeting I was sitting back in the recliner with my arms crossed over my chest.  As the presentation went on, I uncrossed my arms and started sitting forward.  By the end I was ready to start my Ambit journey.


What is your “WHY” that keeps you focused and motivated the most?

My Why is to provide for my family.  My wife Lisa has some serious medical issues and can no longer work.  My daughter Emma is 16 now and wants a car and wants to be able to go to college.  Frankly we need the extra income to pay off medical debt.


What do you see for yourself in your future, personally and professionally?

I see myself retiring on my terms from my job with Texas Oncology as an IT Engineer.  Until Ambit came into my life I figured I would work until I died.  I know that I will become a National Consultant.  I love helping other people reach their Ambit goals. Personally, I want to be able to enjoy my free time and travel to wherever and whenever.


What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

Follow the proven system.  In the beginning, I did not follow the Ambit system and struggled and got frustrated and thought of quitting a few times.  I finally listen to what Coach Alan Johnston and all the other Ambit leaders were teaching me and I started to be successful.  The validation call is the key part of the process in my opinion; it is what allows duplication to happen.


What advice do you have for new Consultants?

Stay Plugged In, Follow the System, and Find a Mentor or someone that resonates with you and never give up!


Mike Rivers

Senior Consultant


Prior to getting involved with Ambit, Cathy worked as a Realtor in two states, TN and AZ. While residing in AZ she worked as a Concierge/Sales Rep at an Independant/Assisted Senior Living Facility in Fountain Hills, AZ. Cathy worked and took classes at The University of Massachusetts, and helped open a B & B in Amherst, MA.  In addition, she was a Field Representative for the American Heart Association and worked with two local Finger Lakes wineries promoting wine sales.


Mike also has experience in real estate as a Realtor, later as a private  investor and mortgage originator and owner of a mortgage company. He also has a sales and management background in retail sales. He has worked as an Operations Manager for a national tool distributor in AZ and National Sales Manager for the same company in NY.
Both raised alpacas and cattle after buying a small farm and residence in NY. We both became involved with Ambit when introduced to the company by Cathy’s son, Philip Learn. After taking a short time out due to Mike having a silent heart attack and then a stroke, both are now back full time building their Ambit business.


Larry Malone

Senior Consultant

Nurse Practitioner from Nacogdoches who saw the Ambit opportunity as a way to fund my children’s college education. Once getting involved, I have found that Ambit will help me to get to early retirement. People helping people.



Rick and Janet James

Senior Consultants


Rick and Janet James live in Anna TX and have been with Ambit a little less than two years. We are excited about the Ambit opportunity and anxious about helping others change there lives. Our WHY is retirement and having time to invest in our children lives as well as our grandchildren. We have 8 children between us and 11 grand children.



Mike and Anne Molling

Blessed with 2 Awesome Children Jaimie & Jacob. 5 grandkids with #6 on the way.
As we travel on our Ambit journey were finding great enjoyment watching/helping others succeed . Ambit is a great opportunity for anyone searching for steady residual income . Needing to shore up our retirement was the reason we started our Ambit business. Now Ambit has become our plan “A” as i had 2 severe heart attacks and surgeries on april 24th of this year.
We now lean on Ambits residual payments every month as i no longer climb tree for a living. Thank you Jere & Chris for this Awesome opportunity!



Mike & Tammy Rosson

Senior Consultant


Mike and I started our Ambit business for the free electricity, but what we have built has exceeded our own dreams! We are proud parents of three awesome children and even prouder to have a grandchild on the way. Mike is a truck driver for a large local corporation, and Ambit has allowed me to cut back from my full-time job to focus on building our Ambit business. We stand in awe of what God has provided and are look forward to the future as we continue to build our phenomenal Ambit Business through consistent and persistent effort every day!!



Kim Harris

Senior Consultant

Why I started my business is to offset the cost of my mother’s medication when she is in her gap. My mother is a diabetic and on a lot of medications. So when she needs are insulin I will be able to pay for it for her. That’s why I started my Ambit Business. Have met plenty of nice people with this Ambit opportunity.
Jere Thompson Jr. saw a vision and I see me vision.



Charles Tatum

Senior Consultant

My name is Charles Tatum and I am married to Cynthia Tatum. I am from Henderson, Texas. I served in the US Army Communications, a former Smith County Deputy Sheriff and currently retired from Goodyear.

My wife and I are involved in our church and we are both Chaplains working in our local community. We are currently working our Ambit business together.